1º BACH-Inglés

Homework May 18th- May 29th

Good morning everyone,


The following activities are thought to be done in the next two weeks. So you don't have to turn in the assingment until May 29th before 15h.. However, we recommend not to leave your English homework until the last minute. Your homework consists of two different activities.

1.- Do the listening activity on page 60 on the book, exercise 2. You will find the audio clicking on this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=131PP70ZTVGuwprj3drll75te8mq4HmQF

Tarea de Inglés (Semana del 11 al 15 de mayo)


We are still here! One more week here you can find your homework:

- Those who passed English last term will work with all the activities on pages 56 and 59 (Student's Book).

- Those who failed will do all the activities on pages 56 (Student's Book) and 121 (Workbook)

As always, please send an email to your teacher by Friday at 15'00, if possible.

Attached you will find the keys from last week's activities.

Have a nice week!

Homework May, 5th- May, 8th

Good morning everyone,


This week we propose different activities for those who passed the subject last term, and those who didn't.

1º BACHILLERATO. Homework 27-30 April

Good morning everybody,

We hope you are all ok! Here you can download the homework for this week.

In Worksheet 1 you will find Pre-Writing activities. In Worksheet 2 you will find some Practice. And in Worksheet 3 you will find the Writing task. Remeber you must use relative pronouns.

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us.

Please, submit it to you teacher by email before 15.00 Thursday, if possible.



Para celebrar el Día del Libro, el Departamento de Inglés propone este JUEGO VOLUNTARIO para toda la comunidad educativa. Esperamos que paséis un rato entretenido y aprendáis cosas nuevas. Al terminar el juego, pulsad ENVIAR para recibir vuestro premio. Si eres alumno/a, escribe tu nombre y tu curso al final para que sepamos que lo has terminado.

1º BACHILLERATO. HOMEWORK FROM April 20th to April 24th

Good morning guys,

This week you are going to keep working on vocabulary regarding "apps", but this time it is going to be a little more creative.

Here you have a funny worksheet. We hope you enjoy it. (The document is attached).

The answers from last week homework are attached too.

Homework must be sent to your English teacher during this week and the due date is April 24th.

We hope you are all well. 

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